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Ar. Shyuan Kuee
Principal Architect

Ar. Shyuan Kuee, Principal Architect

BArch (1st Hons), Dip Arch, RIBA/ARB Chartered

UCL Bartlett, London

University of Sheffield

University Years
Ar. Shyuan's interest in architecture was instrumental to her achievements since early university years, and especially so when she was given the Trent Architecture Travel (Best Student) Award in 2003. During summer of that year, she joined TR Hamzah & Yeang and contributed to several high profile projects e.g. the highest residential tower competition in Mumbai.

In 2004, Ar. Shyuan Kuee graduated from the University of Sheffield with a First Class Honours. She was offered by BDP to join their award winning London Studio where Shyuan was introduced to a broad range of multi-use projects spread across the UK and internationally. Soon after, the company rewarded Shyuan with a scholarship toward postgraduate studies at UCL's Bartlett - one of the top architecture schools in Europe, where she explored narrative architecture under the tutorship of CJ Lim.

Professional Years
After completing postgraduate studies, Foster and Partners offered Shyuan a challenging position in their London studios. Shyuan made key contributions on spectacular projects such as the Masdar Masterplan in Abu Dhabi, Zayed Museum, Beirut luxury penthouses requiring high spec interior design, YTL Headquarters KL and Shanghai Expo 2010's UAE Pavilion where she was asked to be stationed in China as the Project Architect.

After five solid working years overseas, Shyuan returned to Malaysia and began working for Akitek Ding in Ipoh to familiarize herself with local regulations and procedure. She was the Chief Design Architect for numerous residential and commercial schemes in the region which has further prepared her for the establishment of her own practice.

In 2010, Shyuan won several private commissions leading to the establishment of her own architectural practice primarily aimed at making her unique brand of architecture mutually beneficial to herself and to her clients. Traveling between the UK and Malaysia, Shyuan continually evolves her architectural expertise; leaving her with a deeply felt desire to ensure that Malaysia, and especially her hometown of Ipoh, enjoy design excellence tailored to their needs. "A good piece of architecture can actually transform people's lives" Shyuan says, "as people are becoming more educated, and are travelling more, they look at developed countries realising that they deserve a better built environment."

Shyuan is dedicated to delivering high quality buildings premiering superior functionality and aesthetics. Commencing 2012, Shyuan's portfolio boasts several small to medium sized projects along with the challenging design conception for one of Ipoh's largest mixed-use projects, highlighting her growing professional reputation.